Kitchen fire blankets:
Suntex fire blankets are made from premium fiber glass woven fabrics, coated on both sides and stitched with Kevlar. 

No itch to skin, impermeable  and light  weight, totally asbestos-free. Used  on  fires  involving flammable liquids, small fire  in  the kitchen. 

Sizes available:  1.0m x1.0m  1.2mx1.2m   1.2x1.8m

Suntex fire blankets conform to EN 1869-1997.   image.png

Industrial fire blankets:

Suntex Industrial fire blankets are made from fiber glass woven fabrics, and are able to withstand temperature up to 550℃. Totally asbestos-free. 

The blankets are well suited for welding, grinding spark and spatter protection for industries, gas station, warehouse, building ground. 

Roll form or prefabricated blankets are available.

Blanket sizes available:1.0mx1.0m 1.2mx1.2m 1.2x1.8m 1.5x1.8m 1.8x1.8m.

Suntex fire blankets conform to EN 1869-1997.  image.png

Recommended Specification: