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Tailor-made Solutions for Individual Needs:
Suntex offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions for customer individual high performance needs. Depends on meticulously work and with precision on equipment of modern technology, Suntex has provided hundred of high quality custom made products include reusable thermal jackets, mattress, pads, blankets, ductwork connection etc..
Selection of Materials:
Ⅰ.SURFACE MATERIALS AND STUFFS.  Suntex has been continuing to research, develop and manufacture industrial textiles since it born. By taking advantage of our knowledge of industrial textiles, it ensures us to select the suitable industrial textiles to meet the customer's requirements of high performance needs. From the surface fabric to the stuff materials, Suntex select the most suitable and cost-effective materials to fabricate. The combination of the selected materials can be worked in the extreme environments of temperature from -600℃  to 12000℃  and chemical corrosion.                              Ⅱ.SEWING THREAD: Suntex uses the high quality sewing thread to meet the customer's needs. We are using these threads in our products.image.png                            Ⅲ.ACCESSORIES Velcro, grommets, anchor pins, loops, zippers are all available in different styles and shapes. These accessories are added to ease the installation of our products.


Analyzing the customer's constraints 

Designing product by professional software  

Participating in the trials 

Continuing to modifications and improvement of our products  

Product approval